«The place you will come to may be black, something you would disown, but if you have found yourself there, that is so far home; you will either domesticate that, naturalize yourself there, or you will recover nothing.» (Stanley Cavell) | setadespedida@yahoo.co.uk

segunda-feira, 29 de junho de 2015

O Cinéfilo Preguiçoso em Junho

1.6.2015 National Gallery (real. Frederick Wiseman, 2014)


8.6.2015 Gaslight (real. George Cukor, 1944)

15.6.2015 Enquanto Somos Jovens (real. Noah Baumbach, 2014)
22.6.2015 The Royal Tenembaums (real. Wes Anderson, 2001)
29.6.2015 Um Pombo Pousou Num Ramo a Reflectir na Existência (real. Roy Andersson, 2014)